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Five tons of food and drink for Rothschild and his friends

Big birthday party for Nat Rothschild in Montenegro is for sure on of the top news this days. One million pounds party ... imagine that.

Musicians, entertainers and 5 tons of food and drink landed at Tivat airport yesterday. All this is preparation for a big birthday party Rothschild Nat.
Design recently opened swimming pool "Lido Mar" in the Tivat marina perfect fit as a place where it will happen most of the entertainment, fireworks and more.

Daily Telegraph writes: "Super yachts, models and a huge swimming pool - Rothschild welcome for birthday party of one million pounds".
"Workers perform the last preparations for the party life in Montenegro, a small country that gained independence in recently" also writes Daily Telegraph.

New York Times writes about "Nat`s Disco Soiree".

Independent gives small text guide: "Montenegro for Beginners".

The guest list is secret, but those persons will be for sure: Peter Munk, Roman Abramovic, Tony Hayward, Roland Work, ...
Of course, many celebrities will be on biggest birthday party in 2011. All that - in beautiful breathtaking Montenegro.

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