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Excursions to Zanjic by boat

ZanjicZanjic is situated in the Miriste valley, deeply pulled in the dry land of the Lustica peninsula. It is surrounded by old olive groves and azure sea water. The beach is covered with white pebbles. It is 300 m long, 15m wide and its capacity is 1000 people. The background of Zanjic is the olive grove where you can find a shade, drink wine or enjoy the specialities of Lustica.

Alexandra boatEvery day at 9 a.m. boat start 200 meters from our complex. Return is at 6 p.m. It is possible to go to Blue Cave if weather condition allow that (not big waves).

Blue CaveImagine if you found a small boat on the side of a tranquil bay and the captain, after helping you on board, set sail up the coast for what only seemed like a 10 minute trip from Zanjic. You’re headed towards Blue Cave, and the excitement takes hold of you. You’re expectations are running high, although after your short trip the captain suddenly steers the boat directly at a cliff of rough rocks. The only landmark you see above you is the famous Arza Castle, watching your deadly ride towards the rocks. Could you be looking for some secret, watery entrance to the castle’s hidden depths?Blue Cave