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Night excursions to Kotor by boat

Kotor WallsBoka Kotorska, the only one fjord in Mediterranean, in July 2000. was written as one of the 25th the most beautiful fjords of the world. Kotor is one of the few Mediterranean cities that has preserved its basic look. Kotor town walls are one of the main motives and reasons for entering the city and its cultural - historic area on the list of world natural and cultural heritage of UNESCO, 1979. year.

Main door in KotorWe starting around 8 p.m. from Montenegro Apartments complex and drive through Boka bay. In Kotor we can enter through three gate of which are the main sea gate. That gate was present form the XVI century. It was during the Venetian providura Bernard Renijera. Built in the Renaissance-Baroque style, which testify to the pillar and arch Bunjato technique.
The doors are surrounded by massive stone blocks, which are compiled and the surrounding stone pillars. Sea gate, pass through the gateway arch. On the right side there is a Gothic relief from the XV century, which shows the Virgin Mary with Christ, on the left side is the Holy Tripun with the map of city, and St. Bernard on the right holding a host.
Main door in KotorIn addition to the main, the city may enter through the North and South city gates. Northern city gate is much less than the sea. Built in memory for unsuccess attack of Turkish admirals Hajrudin Barbarossa in 1539. year. South town gates or doors of Gurdića did not have only one gate as the sea and North, but the entire system of three gates belt from different periods of construction.

Kotor clock towerTower for clock is one of the symbols of the town of Kotor. It occupies the central place in the Square of arms, as opposed to the main city gates. Tower was in 1602. year. For the clock tower was built in one part of the mature Baroque style, while the northern and eastern fasade is characterized by Gothic style. Below the clock tower is pillory. One of the main ways of punishment characteristic for Kotor was placing defendant in front of pillory, to all citizens see them.

Palace Bizanti one facade facing the Square of arms, and another to the street that leads to the Square bizantiod meal. Was made in the XIV century. Square of the meal was the name of the warehouses for flour, which were previously there was. In this square are the castle of noble families Pima and Buća.

We can give you a lot of reasons why to visit Kotor, specialy by night but main reasone is that Kotor have excelent night life.

At 11 p.m. we starting from Kotor to Montenegro Apartments complex.